lolo’s Story

Combining her irrefutable love for fashion and sharpened nerve, Laurie Moulton, an accomplished leader in the finance world, took a break from a twenty year history of corporate success and transcended upon a life changing labor of love. Simply put she wanted more from her shopping experience, and she knew we did too. “lolo”, the nickname given to her as a child, couldn’t be more suitably splattered across her new business venture, as she was determined to create a space where community and warmth replaced the all too familiar sterile industry stereotypes. Laurie set out and accomplished her vision and house of lolo – where elegance and relevance harmoniously delight – was born.

Striking a chord with her intimate approach, it took no time at all for Laurie to garner attention, acceptance, and gainful admiration from like-minded women all around. New to Portland, and anything but new to the world of fashion and retail, Chelsea Crawford was one of the firsts to recognize this innovative concept, dig in, and flaunt her forte. Now cozied in as house of lolo’s Curator+Stylist, Chelsea prides herself on injecting a rich humor and degree of approachability to the fashion space.

Since it’s launch in 2011, House of lolo continues to represent and embody a partnering of people who value beauty, integrity, and simplicity; offering indulgences that suit anyone, for any occasion, whether working, playing, or hitting snooze.  That is the essence of lolo.