In-Store Styling

One-on-one styling session

$80/hr for 1 to 3 hrs, $65/hr for add hrs


The one on one style session is perfect for both the girl with a special date circled on her calendar, and for the gal that craves a little “new” in her life. This appointment is at least an hour; additional hours are available. You and your personal stylist will be free to raid the house of lolo’s closet!

Style me fabulous

$375 for 3 hrs, $90/hr for add. hrs


If your style needs require a bit more attention than an in-store styling session, we can provide you a match made in closet heaven. Style me fabulous provides a stylist at your beck and call.  Your pro stylist will come to your home where she can identify and separate your existing pieces. This is about creating a wardrobe you feel comfortable and happy with. After this session you will be more confident in your own ability to pair fantastic outfits for any occasion with confidence! 



Closet Therapy

$95/hr for 1to 3 hrs, $80/hr for add. hrs


Closet therapy is a fantastic way to say yes to fashion greatness. If you are sick and tired or needing a map to find an outfit for the day, it may be time to call upon the help of the closet therapist.  We will make that chaos into a wardrobe masterpiece, teaching you tricks of the trade along the way. Together we will create a closet that is clean and organized to inspire easy, endless outfitting.



Lolo’s leading lady

$195 for 2 hrs


Do you have a deserving leading lady in your life that should receive some pampering? Look no further.  House of lolo offers a styling package combining all of the things that make her smile. Fashion, champagne, cupcakes, makeup tutorial, and a killer blow out to boot! Whew talk about pampering.



Your Very Own ZOE*

custom price TBD


Business meetings, award ceremonies, birthday dinners. It doesn’t matter whether life has you jet setting around the country, or commuting the streets of Portland. Some women are just too fabulous for their own good, leaving themselves fully booked, and stressed out. House of lolo has just the fix! Hire yourself your own ZOE; a professional stylist/assistant that can take care of all your beauty and fashion needs. Services include, but are not limited to wardrobe styling; hair styling; makeup, and special event personal shopping. Have no time to book that hair appointment? Can’t decide what outfits work at your favorite retail stores? Your very own Zoe will be there for you! This is an ongoing service that will allow you to have a stress free life. We will be that personal stylist and that personal assistant. This service is all about catering to your needs so it will be priced upon request. With your own personal ZOE the possibilities are endless.  E-mail for information for specific pricing determined by need. *Styling inspired by Rachel Zoe, not an actual Rachel Zoe styling session.