Chambray Pillow Cover - Tofu


These pillows look incredible in your space but they also carry and story and energetic presence from their country of origin: India. 

Created in the southern state of Kerala on Kannur handlooms, these incredible cotton pillows carry on a rich tradition of cotton weaving in the country. While weaving traditions go back to the 16th and 17th century in India, cotton as a form of national pride and solidarity grew out of the social reform movements of the 20th century. This weaving revolution allowed Indians to reengage their weaving traditions as a form of national pride and generate an income based on national ingenuity.

While not all cotton in India engages in healthy, people-focused practices, our weavers in the South are distinct in their dedication to paying fair living wages, increasing living standards and bringing 100% literacy rates to the region. 

Dimensions: 20" x 20" 

Care: handwash cold, lay flat to dry. 

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