Vintage African Baule Low Chair


Awesome vintage hand carved African Baule back low chair handmade and comprised of solid mixed African woods. It is in wonderful vintage condition. This piece has lots of beautiful patina that can only be obtained from age and handmade imperfections.

Low chairs such as this were carried on the shoulders of village men as they went to attend social gatherings or community rituals in the Baule Tribe and although you may not want to perch it on top of your shoulders and carry it in to your next business meeting, it has lots of other fabulous uses!! The Baule Tribe from the Ivory Coast of West Africa is well known for their artistic tribal art, sculptures, and furniture and this chair is the epitome of their talents. The seat is flat so lends itself to use as a perfect little side table or stand. Just imagine how cool it would be to exhibit a wonderful exotic plant on this low chair! Or to display a piece of wonderful tribal art, basket, or figure. It is handmade of many pieces of luscious dark African woods, and it has a yoke back adding additional character and African flare. The legs have a refined design and are sturdy and attractive.

• Height – 22 inches

• Seat height – 12 inches



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