Vintage African Lobi Stool


Original hand carved stool. Beautiful modern shape with traditional tapered legs. Amazingly carved from one solid piece of indigenous hardwood.

Lobi stools on three legs are part of the traditional output of Lobi sculptors. In former days, no man left his house without his personal seat, hung over his shoulder. Apart from undecorated stools, which form the majority of Lobi furniture, there are some decorated examples known, having one human head.

Once adulthood reached, each man commissions to a sculptor a domestic stool in dense wood, and another one in a lighter wood, intended for his displacements to the fields, in the bush and in the markets. The two back feet leaned on the shoulder ensure the transport: in earlier times, these stools served as head breakers in market quarrels.

Approx. 7" H

Please note:
Due to the nature of vintage treasures — condition, color, and details may vary — small imperfections add to the uniqueness of each item.

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