Clay Spindle Whorl Beads


These are old spindles whorls from the Djoboro and Timbuktu regions of the inland Niger Delta in Mali, Africa.

Each whorl has a different pattern with only three having a plain surface. 
In Mali, cotton is hand spun by women and the technique involves winding long strands of cotton onto a spinning stick, or spindle, known as a “Djenne." Attached to the tip of the stick is the large clay whorl that functions as a spinning weight causing the stick to turn smoothly. The whorl is usually decorated or painted intentionally so as to draw attention to the spindle whorl’s form and movement as it spins during weaving. Nice rich patina, some very minor chips, est; age 800-1000 years old – Collected in Mali.

These are beautiful handmade objects and look lovely on your coffee table, or even handing on the wall. 

Due to the nature of vintage treasures — condition, color, and details may vary — small imperfections add to the uniqueness of each item

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